Apostrophes in Plurals: Things to Remember

It is true that rules about apostrophes in plurals are tricky that is why you need to know how it should be use. It is essential to know some tips on avoiding it as well as the rules to avoid mistakes. Read this page! You can also use a quality apostrophe checker online if you need to save time or efforts.

Check my Punctuation: Tips to Avoid Mistakes Using Apostrophes in Plurals

  • Do not use apostrophe in indicating a plural: There is the so-called greengrocer’s apostrophe which means it is the wrong usage of the apostrophe in forming plural. For example, if you have over 1 apple, you should write apples and not apple’s.
  • Know how to use apostrophes for years and acronyms: For instance, you will write CD. To make it plural, you should not CDs and not CD’s. It is the same in terms of years. For example; Black was popular in 1990’s. In here, you need to write 1990s and not 1990’s. You only need to use the apostrophe in years if it is standing in when it comes to omitted numbers like 2006. You need to write it as “06.

Using Apostrophes for Plurals: The Rules

apostrophe pluralIt is important to know about apostrophe plural because it will be your guide to write. Apostrophe has 3 uses: forming possessives of the nouns, showing omission of the letters and indicating plurals of the lowercase letters.

Forming Possessives of the Nouns

For example:

  • The girl’s caps= the caps of the girls.
  • 2 days’ journey= journey of 2 days

Take note: if the noun after “of” is an object, building or piece of the furniture, apostrophe is not needed to use.

For example:

  • Room of house= house room
  • Door of the house= house door
  • Leg of table= table leg

The time you have determined whether you should make possessive, you need to follow these rules.

Add “s” to plural forms that does not end with the letter “s’.

apostrophes in plurals

For instance:

  • Geese’s honking
  • Children’s game

Add ‘ to plural nouns ending with the letter “s”:

  • Three cats’ toys
  • Countries’ laws
  • Friends’ letters

Forming Plurals of the Lowercase Letters

The apostrophe is being used in forming plural of the letters appearing in lowercase. In here, the rule will appear to be typographical than grammatical.

For instance:

  • Two p’s versus two ps”

using apostrophes for pluralsIn forming the plural of lowercase letter, you need to place ‘s after you write it. Bear in mind that there is no need for the apostrophes that indicates plural on the capitalized letters, symbols and numbers. On the other hand, you need to remember that there are teachers, professors and editors who prefer them.

Check these examples:

q’s and p’s = minding q’s and p’s is phrase believed that taken from early days of printing press when the letters are set in the presses backwards for it to appear on printed pages correctly. However, the origin of it is being disputed. “ be careful, don’t make some mistakes.” As of now, the term is also indicating to maintain politeness from thank –yous and mind your pleases.

  • Two Macintosh G4s = two of Macintosh model of G4
  • (there are two G4s that is used in writing classroom.)
  • Numerous &s = numerous ampersands
  • That pages has numerous &s on it.

To make sure that you correctly use apostrophes in names, you can use sentence punctuation checker on the internet. It will be your help to know if you use the apostrophes correctly or not.

Follow these rules for apostrophes in plurals today!