Apostrophes with Names Ending in S

Many students are using grammar corrector free to check for their mistakes when it comes to punctuation and spelling. You can also try it, but it is better if you know some rules in using the apostrophe.

Apostrophes with Names Ending in S

Common nouns: When it comes to grammar rules for apostrophe after s, you should be consistent in writing. You need to use the best formula and stay consistent all the time. Apostrophe rules also mention that if the family name has ending like x, ch, sh, or z, however, we need to add ‘es’ to form the ending.

For example:

  • Class’s hours
  • Boss’s son
  • Canvass’s size

Singular noun: If the singular noun ends with the letter “s”, make sure that you add apostrophe plus s, if it is being pronounced. If it’s not being pronounced, what you will do is to add apostrophe plus the letter “s”. For good examples, check this out: Also, you use “s” in showing possession of the singular noun even that word is ending with the letter “s.apostrophes with names ending in s

  • Clothes’s hem
  • Jack Bridge’s daughter
  • Thomas’s report

Take note that there are people who add apostrophe to the words ending with the letter “s” whatever its pronunciation. This is acceptable, but make sure that the standard you follow is consistent to avoid mistakes and for readers not to be confuse.

For example:

  • Clothes’ hem

Possessive plural noun: If the possessive noun is ending with the letter “s” and it’s plural, you should only add an apostrophe. Also, if you want to form possessive plural noun that ending with “s”, you just need to add the apostrophe. For example:

  • Johnson’s house

Want to know something about the history of apostrophe? Then visit this page and discover an interesting infographic about it!

Showing possession with the word it: If you are showing possession with the word “it”, you just reverse the rules as well as lose apostrophe. The motorcycle has wheels. You can see that there is no apostrophe if it is something belongs to “it”. In some cases, if you will add s to “it”, what you see is contraction or shortening of 2 words. For instance, its or it’s or it is.

Check more apostrophes examples to be sure you use them correctly.

Remembering Grammar Apostrophe Rules

grammar rules for apostrophe after sRemembering grammar rules apostrophe after s is so easy. What you just need to do is to remember possession or ownership. With it, you need to add apostrophe with s. If there are many or the word is plural, writing the “s” will be fine. When it comes to the word “it”, rules are being reversed.

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Grammar and exceptions: Since there are punctuation rules, there are also guidelines for grammar. However, there are exceptions that you need to keep in mind. For example, if there is over 1 goose, you do not say “gooses,” because the right word that you should write is “geese”.

grammar apostrophe rulesEnglish language is easy to learn, but there are exceptions as well as plural forms of gazillions words requiring to add ‘s.’ Learning all exceptions needs patience and time because you need to pay attention to each word including the special rules. You need to take it by heart to learn all the rules. It is easy to learn the rules in apostrophes is you take it seriously and if you still want to get a help, you can try check punctuation free tool online.

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