Helpful Apostrophes Examples

sentences with apostrophes examplesIf you are having a big problem with punctuation, it is important that you know about examples of using apostrophes with names ending in s because it will help you. Sentences with apostrophes examples are very useful and serve as your guidelines whenever you need to write.

Apostrophes Examples and Rules

Rule #1

General apostrophe rules mention that you should use the apostrophe in showing possession. If you want to show a possession in singular noun, add apostrophe together with the letter “s”.

For example:

  • Boss’s wife
  • A woman’s cap
  • Mr. Hang’s door

Rule #2

There are common nouns ending with “s’.” such as bus, cactus and lens. There are also many proper nouns like Christmas, Texas, Mrs. Jones. The fact is that there are many conflicting theories and policies in showing possession in writing nouns. The best advice to do is to choose the correct formula and to be consistent in writing.

Rule #3

There are editors and writers that only add apostrophe to nouns ending with the letter “s”. What you need to do is to add the apostrophe plus the letter “s” to each proper noun such as Jones’s or Hastings’s.

One common method in magazines and newspapers is to add the apostrophe plus the “s” to nouns ending with the letter “s”.

For example:apostrophes examples

  • Mrs. Jones’ clubs
  • Class’s hours
  • Texas’ weather
  • Canvass’s size

You need to be careful in placing the apostrophe. For instance, if you were talking about pencil belonging to Mr. smith, numerous individuals would wrongly write Mr. Smith’s pencil (take note that Mr. Smith is not his name.

Correct: Mr. Smiths’ pencil

Rule #4

In showing plural possession, it is important to add apostrophe plus “s”. For example:

  • Correct: Girls’ night out
  • Incorrect: girl’s night out

Rule #5

You should not use apostrophe plus “s” in making regular noun plural. For example:

  • Incorrect: Apostrophe’s are tricky
  • Correct: Apostrophes are tricky

Rule #6

English has numerous irregular nouns such as tooth, child and nucleus. These will become plural if you change the spelling.

For example:

  • Incorrect: three childrens’ caps
  • Correct: three children’s caps

(children plus apostrophe plus s)

  • Incorrect: teeths’ roots
  • Correct: Teeth’s roots

Rule #7

You should not use apostrophe in making name plural. For example:

  • Incorrect: Garcia’s are here
  • Correct: Garcias are here

Rule #8

In singular compound noun, you can show possession with apostrophe plus “s” at end of word.

For example:

My father-in-law’s cap.

Too much for one day? Well, you can always try using an apostrophe checker online to save your time and efforts.

Sentence With Apostrophes Examples

Aside from the help of sentence punctuation checker, you can rely with examples on the internet. There are many examples that you can check out that will help you.examples of using apostrophes

  • Maribel and Cesar’s home
  • She and Cesar’s home
  • Maribel and Cesar’s hats are both awesome.
  • Doesn’t
  • Can’t
  • You made straight B’s

There are many tips and examples you still need to know. If you want to know all of it, you can check it on the internet. Just be sure that you follow the rules in using the apostrophes. Finally, you can try to use grammar corrector free to check your mistakes.

Use these apostrophe examples when learning grammar today!