How to Do Apostrophe Check

apostrophe practiceSo you’ve written something you wanted to check but you cannot ask a friend ‘can you check my punctuation’ ‘coz it seems like a very huge favor to ask. And there are so many rules for apostrophes you won’t possibly memorize all of them. Well, you need not fret because there are online services that you can try. Here’s how to use them.

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Best Apostrophe Check Tools

  1. Ginger Software – This is one of the most popular online sentence checkers so far. From you document, you can copy the part you want to check and paste it on the text box of the website. Click on ‘Get it Now’ button.
  2. Language Tool – This is Open Source is widely used in many languages. Type on or paste the text you want to do an apostrophe check and the program will do its job. You will see the edited part highlighted, too.
  3. Online Correction – It checks more than just spelling and grammar. It also checks punctuations used in every sentence in your article. Just like sites of its kind, all you need to do is copy the text from you document and paste it on the space provided and then click submit. There is also an option for Autocorrect which spots and correct errors automatically.
  4. Grammar Monster – This easy to use online apostrophe checker offers tips and examples that’ll help you with your apostrophe practice.
  5. Grammar Check – It does not immediately correct the sentence for you but allows you to choose from the list of suggested words applicable for your article. There is also an error explanation to let you know how it should be done. It is a fun learning, too!

grammar apostropheUsing an online sentence punctuation checker is as easy as 1,2,3. There is a common tip that most of these websites are familiar to. Almost all of them use the copying and pasting method wherein you just have to copy your original document and paste it on the text box inside the site. After that, you just have to click on the button that usually reads ‘Correct’ or ‘Check’. Click on it and another version (usually located at the bottom of the original text box) will be displayed for you.

Once the new and corrected version is displayed, you can start copying and pasting it on your document. By the way, it is advised that you also read the final document before printing it or submitting it to your professor or boss. Although most of these sites claim to be error free perfect, it pays a lot to do a final checking before the paper leaves your desk.

Grammar Apostrophe: Tips on Checking

apostrophe check

If you’re not using any of those sites, a simple Word spell checker can also help you. Word has its own way to check if your grammar apostrophe is correct or not. If you can see the word highlighted in blue, then there must be something wrong about it. It’s either you have a wrong punctuation or you have typed in space more than you needed to. There you have the tips to know as well as the best of the tool to use.

Study your options well and perform apostrophe check today!